Art and literature have deeply influenced each other over the centuries. They are interconnected and depend on one another. Because they are inspired by the same ides they are constantly catching up with each other. Some of the subjects they ardently revisit are society, people, emotions, history, and beauty.


This discipline includes all creative expression which stimulates our senses. However, it is typically used for works of art which have a visual appeal and are done with a lot of technical skills. Pieces such as paintings, drawings, sculptures would all be categorized as classic or traditional art. These pieces should evoke emotions and thoughts and have to be an original product of the artist.


Literature is an art form which deals with the written word. It has to have intellectual value, meaning, and a message. In order to convey ideas, writers are artists who opt for expressing themselves in a creative manner by using language in new and interesting ways. They employ metaphors, similes, rhyming etc. Standard literature is considered to include novels, short stories, essays, and poetry.


Politics and History

Their main influences are overlapping. Think about how many works of art political movements have inspired. Many historical events can be traced and followed by works of art of the time. Any revolution happening in the world has had an echo in the world of art and writing.


Social occurrences and issues have mostly been dealt with in literature. More and more contemporary art has a political approach to creativity and conceptualizing ideas.


Most of all every aspect of beauty found in the world has been aesthetically portrayed by art and literature.


These two forms of art have been influencing each other through history. They have also surpassed the barriers of time and have connected different ages through their intertextuality. The mutual inspiration goes both ways. Literature inspires art and art inspires literary pieces.

The novel ‘Da Vinci’s Code’ by Dan Brown was inspired by the works of the ever so enigmatic Leonardo Da Vinci. It captured the attention of the entire world much like Da Vinci’s art.

Shakespeare inspired many other artists with his genius. It is, therefore, no surprise there are a lot of remakes of his works and he is constantly referenced in other art forms. A good example of his influence would be the famous painting of Ophelia by Sir John Everett Millais.