As the name suggests, Wet Ink is an up to date gathering place for aspiring young authors. We have been nurturing a writing collective of like-minded youth to bring them together. By doing so, we hope to fulfill the need for belonging to an artistic community and thus satisfy a wide variety of readers. Allow us to showcase some inspiring work.

Yara Abou-Hamde is in grade twelve. She dedicates this poem to the few who not only let her in on their stories but also listened to hers with an open heart.

Monica Georgieff is an aspiring journalist and author. She is editor of her school’s newspaper The Epigram and is involved with many Canadian youth literary publications.

Gracie Gralike: “I am an abstract artist. My goal in art is to illustrate a book. I really like drawing cartoons and children’s characters. I like to draw illusions that I see in my dreams or thoughts. Art is my passion and I enjoy spending my free time drawing. ”

Ruilin Guo is a grade 10 student living in beautiful Barrie, Ontario. She loves reading, poetry and art, and enjoys figure skating, badminton, and nature.

Brayden Hirsch is a teen writer. Follow him and his upcoming book at his blog for teen writers at

Emily Holtorf-Ma is and currently in grade 11. She’s an active member of her school’s arts program and enjoys writing in her spare time.

Sarah Inglis is 19 and lives in Surrey, British Columbia.


Madelaine Caritas Longman was born in Swift Current, Saskatchewan and currently resides in Calgary, Alberta. She enjoys reading, hiking, photography and writing in various styles and genres.

Siobhan McKay is 15 years old and aspires to become an English teacher, a writer, and to eat copious amounts of Chinese food each day.

Kier Mailan is currently a grade 10 student who enjoys writing poetry and prose.

Abdul Malik is an aspiring author and playwright from Mississauga, Ontario. He’s written, directed, and acted in numerous plays and short films, and is hoping to turn that into a viable career.

Adam Marin: “I grew up in P.E.I and now attend school in Toronto. My passions include lobsters, potatoes, skateboarding and folk-punk.”

Carolyn Moon is a first year English student at University of Victoria. She enjoys singing (badly), writing (well), and ferry rides.

Erica Morassutti is 18. Originally from Toronto, she is currently pursuing her love for literature, philosophy, and coffee at McGill University in Montreal.

Jayne Nestor: “I am an English student who loves writing poetry and fiction. In my spare time I like to read, make art, and daydream.”

Dayoung Seo is a cellist, studying music at the University of Toronto. She found her enjoyment of writing in her Writer’s Craft class and continues to write whenever she has time.

Wali ‘Flo’ Shah: “Ever since I listened to Eminem’s “Mockingbird,” I knew I wanted to be a rapper, and a poet, and now I am; dreams are only far away if you let them be, I will always continue to strive for the best and make my dreams a reality and I wish to share my message to people through poetry”

Jennifer Taborek is a student at the University of Ottawa. She is currently studying politics, history and French and enjoys writing short stories.