A wide variety of different subject matters can be found in modern poetry. What comes to mind are works belonging to pastoral and romantic poetry. These deal with the beauty of nature, our connection to nature, and deep emotions. Still, the most popular poems are the ones which deal with love. But humanity has come a long way from poems revolving around romance. Today, poetry deals with more unconventional issues. Though, this poem still contains elements associated with nature and deal with deep emotions it is about fear and righteousness.

Romantic poetry


Wolf Tracks

Emily Buckles-Whittle


Peering from a bush with glowing yellow eyes,

a wolf crouches on silent haunches.

It looks for its companions hidden nearby,

prey unaware of its presence.


The wolves attack and seem to fly,

yanking their prey to the ground.

Teeth flashing, eyes alight,

a battle for survival begun.


The wind blows past and seems to sigh

at the battle won yet lost.