Families come in a multitude of personalities and styles. This will inevitably urge the photographer to develop a process of assessing the family as a unit and as individuals. The photographer’s goal is to capture them as a collective but to still be able to show their individual personality in the photos. It is all a matter of taste, style, and preference.


The place where the family will be photographed is one of the first things to discuss. Will it be outdoors or indoors? Some families choose to have pictures inside their homes or in their backyards. However, there are more creative options.

If there are any parks nearby – that can be a good solution. Amazing photos can be taken among trees and in the natural light of day. This depends on the arrangement which the photographer makes with the family. It often depends on how many kids they have and how old the kids are. If they have babies or small children they would probably prefer to be indoors just out of practical reasons


Photographers have to be enthusiastic and patient with the family. If small children are involved it could easily turn for the worst. Chaotic situations should be met with a thoughtful and understanding approach.

Some photographers have to be the ones exuding all the energy which can be very draining. They have to organize everybody and keep them present and focused. Positions can be changed, but attitude is the one which will burn out rapidly.

A photographer should think of poses which will make everyone feel comfortable. This will inevitably make the family feel more relaxed and cooperative. The results will show in the photos and the photographer will leave a good impression.


Get to Know the Family

If the photographer learns about relationship dynamics in the family it can be very helpful in the creative process. This will provide information about specific quirks and funny moments which can be recaptured or portrayed in a fun way. Don’t be afraid to experiment and consult the family about how they wish to present themselves.


You should definitely plan ahead but without any final decisions. It is always good to be prepared but if the plan falls apart or the family dislikes it don’t get frustrated just improvise. After all, the goal is to make them happy and provide them with memories they will cherish.