Wet Ink Magazine is open and happy to accept all genres of literature, visual art and multimedia from youth aged 13 to 19 residing in Canada. We believe that the future of art is in the hands of the youth. Thus, we wish to provide them with a safe creative space in which we have formed a functional community. At present, we only accept submissions electronically; we do not want to take responsibility for your original artwork. This is mainly for your protection, and we are still pleased to receive the electronic version of your art. Please send us reproductions only; if your work is three dimensional, a good photograph will be fine.

Writing book

Please include with your submission a cover letter with your name, age, city or town of residence and e-mail address so that we can contact you. Please also include any information that we might find interesting, like, for example, lists of publications or exhibits or biographical material. Think of how you want to present yourself as an artist and mention some artists which inspire you. Your description does not have to be stern and one-dimensional. Apart from the basic information, we will appreciate if your creative input and imagination.

We do not ask for first North American publishing rights to your work; whatever you send us can be submitted again to another publication. This way you are free to establish your reputation as a writer elsewhere while collaborating with us. If you do send us a piece that has already been published or exhibited elsewhere, please include the name of the venue and the date of your publication/exhibit so that we can post the appropriate credits. This can help you develop a name for yourself and offers references to you as an artist. However, we do ask that you not send us any simultaneous submissions. This will only form a cluster in our administration and is admittedly unnecessary.

We ask of you to remain respectful, mindful, and mature. Please note that we will not publish hate literature or any material that demeans people on the basis of nationality, ethnicity, age, sexuality, gender or religion.