This poem is about the passage of time and imminent success. The elusiveness of time is a topic revisited many times in literature. It has always bewildered people and posed questions. Why does time slow down at times and moves swiftly in periods? There is no single answer to this question which is why people will continue to be perplexed and inspired by its relativity.

Success sometimes happens when no one is paying attention. In this poem, the tone is optimistic since it harbors the idea of success being measured by knowing your own worth and not by awaiting praise.

Passage of time


Like I Always Do

Sherry Jean


It’s manic

The way everything around you



When you’re waiting.


It’s a waterfall behind

And an orchestra beside

All I’m paying attention to

Is the tick



Of the second hand


I’m wearing my Sunday’s best

Yet no one stops

They just



I swear I just heard

The hour hand move


You might not make it

But I still do what I do best.