Writers are not born – they are made. What makes a writer is his or her ability to be inspired by life itself. The biggest influence for some will inevitably be their natural surroundings.

Bernard Soubry was originally inspired by his motherland to develop a deep connection with nature and wildlife. Coming from Montreal, Canada, he can easily attest to the importance of being one with nature. Canada has inspired many other artists before him and still retains the status of having some of the most beautiful sceneries in the world.

Today, this young writer can easily call himself a citizen of the world and a first-class farmer. He has become a diligent farmer by following his inspiration and apprenticing through Nova Scotia, France, Germany, New Brunswick, and Sackville.


Soubry was educated at the University of Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute, on the track for Environmental change and Management. But his biggest inspiration remains in the beauty of working in the field and participating in teamwork. He enjoys small-scale agriculture, dabbling in bicycle mechanics, teaching and facilitating, and many other projects and hobbies.

Still divided between Eastern Canada and Oxford, the UK he finds time for important projects which serve a higher purpose. He remains an avid researcher who can find inspiration anywhere. Some of his ventures include bio-intensive production, ecologically-oriented vegetable farms, portable hoop houses, and seed-saving. Nevertheless, he manages to keep a balance between his physical and mental work. He earnestly reads and writes and has a number of publications which offer insight into his biggest passions and occupations.

These days, he is all about food systems in the world. Specifically, he is interested in how food systems react to the influence of the changes in climate. This subject matter is of great importance for the environment and has to be dealt with from an empirical point of view. In other words, only people who have experience in this scope of agriculture will be able to contribute some new and possibly revolutionary information. This is Soubry’s expertise for which he shows nothing less than complete dedication and utter devotion.