Contemporary Art

Art has taken a number of new forms in the last century and has posed some interesting questions. Who are modern artists and what is their medium?

Everything has been revisited and has changed immensely. Materials which are used are revolutionary, creative methods have become daring, and ideas which art conveys have a wider range than ever before.

Classic art is still its own category but art of the new age comes in unconventional forms. Exciting revolutionary art forms make way for new artists, a wider audience, and new interpretation.

Net Art

Internet provides a platform which is different from anything familiar or traditional. The World Wide Web has become a substitute for live exhibitions, museums, and art galleries. It often offers a more interactive way of experiencing art and has inevitably created new types of artists.

The upside of internet art is that it spreads rapidly and widely. This instantly provides artists with a worldwide exhibition – figuratively speaking. You can even post your pieces in online galleries and thus reach much more people in comparison to any exhibition held in a single town.

Street Art

This form of art is created in public spaces and is often illegal. In many cases, it is dubbed as vandalism and is thus a pinnacle of non-traditional art. This urban creativity is expressed with graffiti, poster art, stickers, or sculptures. Its creators convey political messages or leave markings of their individual artistic perspective.

It has become more popular over the years and has become a platform for supporting many social movements. It often portrays the lifestyle of certain community or neighborhood and is generally attributed to younger people.

Street Art

Video Games

This can be considered a new art form since requires a creative approach to aesthetic issues and has to be done with certain expertise. Their purpose is to entertain and they can be legally protected as creative work. We might also take into consideration that they are an amalgamation of different artistic ventures. They have a developed graphics, excessive story-telling and characterization, and music.

Graphic Design

Graphic design contains many elements which can fall into the category of art. Designers need to visually portray a combination of images, colors, symbols, typography, and sometimes music. They also have to do this to contain a certain aesthetic appeal. They need to know a variety of complex techniques to do the job successfully. It is undeniably a sort of craftsmanship but it is still questionable if it is art.

It exceeds its commercial and practical use. Design has to have a deeper meaning and symbolism in order to have a stronger effect. The best graphic design might be categorized as art since it has to be well thought out, impressive, and imaginative.